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Our mission is simple: Provide athletic flooring products and services of the highest quality and for the best value... always.

New England Sports Floors is a certified member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturer's Association (MFMA) and authorized dealer of Connor Sports Flooring and Sport Court International. We offer a complete line of wood, rubber and synthetic gymnasium flooring ranging in performance and price from elementary school and church gym floors to our highest-end athletic floor systems currently being used by the Boston Celtics and many colleges and universities throughout the country.

Choosing the right athletic flooring system for your facility can feel like a daunting task. Let our certified specialists assist you through the process. From concept through essential details, New England Sports Floors' team of sport facilities specialists perform at every level. Whether your facility requires gym flooring, multi-purpose flooring, stage flooring, dance flooring or aerobics flooring, we can design and install the floors to meet your needs.

We now that you need your facility's gymnasium floor to look beautiful, and also ensure the safety of the players. New England Sports Floors will work meticulously to provide service to the highest possible quality standards – on time and on budget.



Connor Sports Floors

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A bit about Connor Sports Flooring

Connor Sports Floors was founded in 1872 and is the market leader in wood sports flooring systems. Connor has built maple hardwood courts for 14 NBA teams and countless numbers of NCAA schools and universities, with products for every level of competition. Connor is proud to be the exclusive supplier of the championship floors for both the Men's and Women's NCAA Final Four. Connor is a charter member of the MFMA and the first member of that group to be certified by the Rainforest Alliance. All Connor floors are ISO-certified and DIN and STEM tested.

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